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Intended for monitoring of radio devices with pulse and continuous emission in the following frequency bands: 135 to 170 MHz, 230 to 470 MHz, 750 to 18,000 MHz.
Operation frequency range of the seven sub-bands, MHz 135-470, 750-18000
The receiver's sensitivity at the antenna inputs 90-110
(depending on band), dB/W
Antenna system azimuth rotation range, ±300
manually and automatically, deg
Frequency rotation, min-1:
  minimal, not more than 0.07
  maximal, not less than 1
Sector scanning range in any azimuth direction, deg 30-240
Instrumental error in direction finding (MSE)
(dependant on range), deg 0,3-5
Pulse duration measuring range, mcsec 0,5-31,25
Impulse generation period measuring range, mcsec 2-79999
MSE of pulse duration and generation 0.1
period measuring, mcsec, not more than
Carrier frequency metering absolute error ±11
(depending on band), MHz
Number of marked and accompanied simple pulse 32
sequences with pre-set periods, not more than
Number of simple pulse sequences excluded 24
from processing, not more than
Continuous operation time, h 24
Power supply, V:
  from 3-phase AC grid 380±10%
from trailer-mounted power station
  ESD-20-M3 (ESD-16-T/400-1VP)
Power consumption, kW, not over 8
Station's round the clock operation personnel, men 7
Operation temperature, °C ±50
Immediate dynamic range for sub-bands, dB:
  0, III, IV, V, VI 35±5
  I, II 40±5
Controlled dynamic range for sub-bands, dB:
  0, III, IV, V, VI 60 10
  I, II 80 10
Panoramic view range, GHz 0,135-18
Analysis band, GHz 0,5
Detail view range, MHz 0,5-50