General information

Ukrspecexport is an authorized state-owned intermediary company dealing with export and import of military and special products and services.

Since early years of its independence, Ukraine was represented at the international arms markets by several foreign trade organizations, incl. Ukrinmash, Progress and Ukroboronservice which functioned under various ministries.

On 14 August 1996, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine established Ukrspecexport by its Resolution No.944 in order to reform the military-technical system of cooperation between Ukraine and foreign partners, and to consolidate and coordinate export/import of military and special products/services.

As a result, Ukrinmash, Progress and Ukroboronservice became subsidiaries of Ukrspecexport.

The date of 9 October 1996 is an official 'birthday' of Ukrspecexport. On this date, the Charter of Ukrspecexport was approved by the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No.1247.

Afterwards, Promoboronexport, SpersTechnoExport and Tasco-Export companies joined the list of Ukrspecexport's subsidiaries.

For the time of existence, Ukrspecexport has realized export-import operations with more than 90 countries.